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Though I cherish and love our summer breaks, I have to admit I am ready for the new school year and our routine. Speaking of routines… Ours has been thrown into overdrive. I filled the calendar with all the practices, games, tournaments, school projects, field trips, back to school nights… The craziness has begun! However, I'm looking foward to a great school year.

The kiddos started school yesterday… Roan is a freshman in highschool! How has this happened??? She was just a baby and now she is in high school! It's a great high school, and I'm so excited for her newest journey; but still, high school!?! And my other three little guys aren't so little anymore either… Tate is in 7th, Connor in 5th and Carys in 4th. It's going to be a busy, busy school year. We have been truly blessed with great schools, educators and administrators. Thank you God for this amazing opportunity. Our children have moved back to back for the last 4 years so having the opportunity to stay in one school more than one year is a big deal. This will be Carys' first time in a school for a consecutive year. Yes… she completed kingergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd each in different school.

With school beginning, I have the intense desire to purge. Over the last few weeks, the kiddos and I went through their closets and dressers to purge the unwanted and the outgrown. I sold many, many items at Classy Kids Consignment and made over $300. I was thrilled! I will continue with this process of purging and trying to sell at the consignment sale. I'll admit, it was a lot of work, but I think the next one will be easier now that I have the system down. The next sale will be Oct 13-17 in Manassas. It's Fall and Winter and we're already prepping. We even went through the toys! The kiddos were happy to help too.

I'm still in the mindset of PURGE, PURGE, PURGE. I don't want to stop. I went through my own closet and I'm heading to a women's consignment store this week to see if I can make a little cash on my unwanted goods. Whatever doesn't sell, I'm donating.

Taking it further. It's not just the closets. I'm feeling overwhelmed with everything. I feel almost claustrophobic in my house. Lately, I've been looking at each room with a desire to minimalize. My goal is to not sacrifice design but gain more function. I'm on a mission to declutter, purge and get organized.

How about you? What are you doing now that your kiddos have returned to school?

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