Four Fun Outfits for Young Girls | Old Navy



Often times a client will ask for styling advice. Above are a few options I put together for a young girl age 9 for a future photography session. All of the pieces are from Old Navy.
If you're looking to create an esemble for your family session, here are some ideas to consider.
1. Color. I look for a great color or colors that will compliment the skin tone. Start with one great outfit and build the rest of the family's outfits around those colors. I like to stay close in value and/or one color family to create harmony.
2. Pattern. Don't shy away from pattern. I love to see a person's personality come to life with their choice of style. Choose patterns that compliment one another and don't force it. If you're mad about plaid, then go for it! 
3. Variety. I prefer families to have variety and not be so "matchy". For example, don't put each of your kiddos in the same exact plaid shirt. Eeek! Mix it up and keep it real.
4. Include your family. Include your children especially when choosing their outfits. You'll have a happier kiddo and a better experience with the session if everyone feels part of the decision process.
5. Layers. Layer tees under blouses, blouses or shirts under sweaters, leggings under skirts or dresses, jackets, scarves, etc. Coordinate the colors to create repetition. Choose colors or patterns that compliment one another. For example, blue and orange are great complimentary colors. 

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